Insurance and Policy
対人賠償無制限 対物賠償無制限(免責額0万円) 車両補償車両時価額(免責額10万円) 人身傷害10,000万円 (2).jpg


  1. We can cancel your booking when you’re late for pick up by 1 hour.  

  2. If the vehicle is damaged, out of service or in case of bad weather we have the right to cancel the booking and give you a refund minus the transaction fee or do rescheduling.  We reserve the right to refuse your booking inquiry for any reason.  

  3. You need to submit your current driver's license so we can copy it. 

  4. Okinawa RV rental Guidelines - Do not have a driver's license, Must have driving experience of over three years,  Driver Drinking Alcohol, Taking Drugs, Gang Affiliation, We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 

  5. You have a record of not paying your debts, You have had previous issues with rental with Okinawa RV.

  6. We charge an additional fee if you damage either the inside or outside of the vehicle.  If the vehicle is damaged we will charge a Non-Operation fee.  There will be a charge for late return/drop-off  of the rental. 

  7. Attaching the baby seat is done by the customer and Okinawa RV is not liable for anything to do with child seats.  

  8. You need to listen and watch carefully about how to use the rental vehicle and all of the accessories of that vehicle. 

  9. You can’t rent any of our vehicles out to anybody else. 

  10. Don’t take the vehicle outside of Japan.

  11. Don’t bring a pet without our permission. 

  12. You must pay tickets or police fines you may receive while renting from us and must send the ticket or fine invoice to us. 

  13. You must pick-up and return the rental within the time frame and day’s that you signed up when you booked. 

  14. We will charge if the vehicle has damage inside or outside. 

  15. We’ll charge a pick up fee if you need to change the pickup location 

  16. You need to fill the gas tank completely at a gas station within the Yomitan  city limits when you return the rental. If not filled up completely we will charge our rate of gas fee. 

  17. If the vehicle has trouble or any accident you must report it to the Okinawa RV office immediately. 

  18. In case of a crash or Damage done to rental do not take the rental vehicle to any other Mechanic place other than our in house mechanic at Okinawa RV.  

  19. If you're in a car accident you need to ask the Okinawa RV office first before you do a private settlement.

  20. If the vehicle has a problem and it’s the renter's own fault we will not refund the trip payments. However, in case of a natural disaster we will be flexible with refunds. 

  21. In case the rental vehicle you order is out of service and you can’t take it for a rental you can’t charge Okinawa RV and the trip must be canceled and refunded. 

  22. You are liable for damage to Okinawa RV’s vehicles. We’ll charge a fixing/cleaning fee and non operation fee while fixing a vehicle damaged by you. 

(e.g) Need to do deep cleaning for the couch 


 23.The standard rental fee comes with basic insurance included. If the damage is less than a thousand dollars the       customer is liable to pay out of pocket for all damages. If the damage is over a thousand dollars the customer        must pay the 1,000 and insurance will cover the rest of the repair costs.  ( non operation fee is not included in          the insurance policy). This insurance option will only cover if somebody crashes into your rental or you crash            into somebody else. 

      《 In these cases insurance won’t cover the damages》

  If there is no police report taken, no report to Okinawa RV office and if the driver didn’t submit their            license. 


CDW package

      Another insurance option we offer is 25$ per day and it will cover the cost of repairs if less than $1,000 .

    This insurance option doesn’t cover for self damage only if   you somebody crashes into you or you crash into    somebody else.

    (This option doesn't cover the  non-operation  fee).

《RAP package》

    If the customer wants to buy a separate insurance through Okinawa RV for the “Non operation Fee” they can         do so by paying an extra $30 a day.  If the rental vehicle is Non operational and needs to be repaired when              returned to the Okinawa RV office the standard Non operational fee is $1000.00(within one month)/$2000 (over     one month) . If the vehicle isn’t able to be returned to the office there will be a towing fee plus the additional  non  operational fee of $2500.00.  Insurance does not cover if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol  when damages to the vehicle occur. 

 24. If you need to return the rental before the return date in your booking these days are non-refundable. 

 25. Under the rental business law we need to collect certain customer information.  We also need to review the\     customer's drivers license.   We may use customer email to send out Okinawa RV discounts, updates and events. 

*When the RV needs repair keep in mind this is a specialty vehicle and pricing can be higher than most vehicle repairs so please be mindful, drive slowly, cautiously and responsibly.

* If our RV is out of commission and in repair we can’t be help responsible for any fees that occur due to your trip plans. 

* In case of bodily injury due to the use of the rental Okinawa RV is not liable or responsible for any and all insurance claims, lawsuits etc.  The renter must use their own insurance for medical issues as a result of operating our rentals.